Senior enterprise solution architect - Helge K Habenicht

Your independent senior enterprise solution architect and consultant for ERP systems implementation

As a long-standing management consultant with extensive experience in project management, I apply my skills and expertise to significantly advance future business partners in the field of digitalization. In my opinion, the dynamic interplay of innovative corporate and business structures enables efficient workflows like no other concept. When upgrading their ERP systems clients typically require independent assistance to rethink and reorganise their processes – which is my chore strength. With 30+ years expertise in independent ERP system project planning and roll out supervision project partners’ senior management and teams welcome my input as a creative and independent initiator, draw on my extensive knowledge as a consultant thereby aiding in the conception and implementation of development projects in many fields which achieve measurable results and success. I advise companies of all sizes on business process optimization as well as the selection and introduction of business software independent of ERP providers.

My Fields of Expertise

Why choose independent ERP consulting?

An independent ERP consultant’s advice aims to enhance clients’ competitiveness within their area. The focus is on process optimization, including the business organization and underlying IT infrastructure. Please note, that I am not a software developer or an ERP provider.

ERP projects are always (ad)ventures that essentially involve or restructure all areas of a company. This applies to both functions and processes that need to be improved. Typically, software houses or ERP implementations assume that an ERP project is customer orientated whereupon the ERP software house is only required to implement the software. Do companies allow the software provider introducing the ERP software take responsibility for the project? Here, we find the first instance of uncertainty which benefits from professional advice and support in order to gain clarity on such issues. Furthermore, allowing to obtain best practice thereby reducing project risks.

I primarily focus on recognizing and eliminating conceivable risks due to high or excessive costs during the course of a project. A holistic approach looks at the process landscape, processes, and underlying IT infrastructure leading to value creation in the enterprise. This allows to identify and implement opportunities which increase productivity and reduce costs.

The main goal of my ERP advice on ERP selection, is to drastically reduce the risk of implementing the most suitable system and/or provider selection, and thus to avoid project mishaps and cost overshoot.